Pink Floyd

6/5/68 Live in Roma Italy 1CD
10/17/69 Amsterdam 1CD
2/11/70 Town Hall, Birmingham, UK ("The Amazing Pudding") 2CD B+ 107min
2/28/70 Leeds UK 1CD
4/29/70 Fillmore West, San Francisco, CA 2CD A 129min
9/16/70 London, UK ("Libest Spacement Moniter") 1CD B+ 51min
11/21/70 Montreaux 2CD A
11/25/70 Friedrich Ebert Halle, Ludwigshafen, Ger. ("Mounting Pressure") 2CD B+ 111min
2/25/71 Hamburg 2CD
5/27/71 Berlin, Germany 2CD
6/4/71 Dusseldorf 2CD rare aud recording!
8/30/71 Meddled - Paris Cinema, London 1CD

10/??/71 Pompeii (10/4-10/7) 1CD
10/12/71 Concertgebow, Amsterdam, Netherlands ("Amsterdam 69") 1CD B+ 67min
1/21/72 Guildhall, Portsmouth, UK ("Eclipsed by the Moon") 2CD B+ 114min
2/17/72 Rainbow Theatre, London, UK ("Dogs and Sheeps") 1CD A 41min
6/22/74 Colmar, France 1CD
4/26/75 Sports Arena, LA, CA 127 min 2CD A 127min
6/18/75 Boston 2CD A
6/28/75 Steel Breeze 2CD

7/2/77 Madison Square Garden, NYC; NY ("Welcome to the machine") 1CD A 54min
11/14/92 Dusseldorf 2CD

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