Welcome to my Emerson Lake & Palmer Trading page.

You can find more than 700 recordings in my collection. Nothing for sale only for trade!

Special thanks to my friend Dirk for many trades, track list etc. Check his website out!

NEW!!! A searchable ELP database will be available soon (around May) containing information about all known live recordings, setlist, lenght of tracks, links to Gundrun's great website, etc

Trading rules and quality rating:

How to initiate a trade?

- Please email your trading list and a list of the shows, you are interested in. I usually answer all emails in 24 hours .

- I don't sell records or trade official releases

- I accept 2:1 trades if you can offer REALLY rare shows (e.g. you taped it)

- When you ask first for a trade, you send first, if we haven´t traded before

- I prefer CDR Trades but you may also send MD

- Please include or email set lists/cover art where available

- I do NOT give away recordings that are marked as Not for trade (NFT). Please don't ask.

CDR - Trading

- Burn all discs using Disc-at-once (DAO)

- Please use quality media

- Check the discs before you send them

- Do not write on the discs, please use post-its or pieces of paper or similar intelligent solution.

- If you transfer from tape to CDR, please leave a few seconds of tape noise at the beginning of the recording

- Please mail out without jewel cases

Shipping information

- Please try to send shows within a week after finishing the trade. Exceptions for large trades

- Please ship CDRs without jewel cases but MDs with cases

- CDR should be placed in plastic or paper sleeves for protection

- Ship the shows in a padded mailer

- Use airmail shipping for international trades

Quality rating

/A+/ indicates perfect CD or LP quality

/A/ indicates 1st generation copy of CD or near commercial quality

/A-/ indicates very good quality audience recording

/B+/ indicates good quality audience recording, some (audience) noise

/B/B-/ indicates older/more (audience) noise. Still very listenable

/C/ For fans only; usually spoiled due to background hiss

** Complete show

* Nearly complete show (e.g. without encore)

New acquisitions are in orange color.

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